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Meet 1 on 1 with a Beism Theory Expert and find the perfect fit. Then, you will work together and explore your true desires. Goal setting is made easy with a beism expert. Goals you wish to achieve will be attainable with a beism theory action plan. After the first meeting, your expert will check in with you every 30 days over the phone to answer any questions you have as well as motivate and guide you along your action plan. On the last day of the 90 days meet again with your expert to discuss the growth & progress you’ve made as well as what’s left to accomplish. Together with one of our Beism Theory Experts you can achieve a blissful life!

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• 3rd Check-in Phone call (1 each month)
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Beism Theory Experts

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Shorme Nortey

Shorme Nortey at age 16 went to UCSC to study sociology and psychology. After college Ms. Nortey began teaching dance, movement, holistic health methods, and recovery techniques all over the U.S. Alongside these teachings Shorme also works as behavior specialist for 12 years (2 years in a School). “Through my research I see now that everyone must be balanced in mind, body, and spirit to be truly healthy.” Shorme has now gone on to create “BEISM.”


Christina Kim

My mission is for parents and children to get along and be in a happy home. We do this by teaching independence, responsibility, having fun together and communicating with each other.

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