In-Home Child Behavioral Plans

Behavioral Plans for Children

Does your child act or behave in a way you wish was different? Are you having difficulties when trying to control your child’s behavior? Do you wish your child listened to you? Beism Theory Experts can help with all this and more! With Beism Theory’s In-Home Support Plans we are able to adjust an individuals behavior to be more positive. Imagine a world where you don’t have to push and pull with your child when asking them to do something. By consulting our experts we are able to listen to the concerns you have about your child, to better understand what kind of plan to implement into your home. After your Parent - Specialist Meeting, your expert will be placed into the home as an observationalist, spending 2 hours per day up to 1 week taking notes about the child in your home setting. After the observation period, meet again with your specialist to go over their summary and action plan. The action plan is there to help guide and walk you through the behavior adjustment phase. Over the next 3 months your Beism Theory Expert will check in with you once each month over the phone, to note the progress you’ve made in your Action Plan. On the last day of the 3 month phase, you will meet again with your Expert to discuss the experience you had, progress you’ve made and what’s next to accomplish. When our kids grow up to be adults they do not always know what to do or how to do things because they never learned. Teaching independence, responsibility, communication and having fun helps our children grow up to be more successful in life. Our Beism Theory Experts are just 1 phone call away from delivering you the assistance & support you need in raising a beautiful child.

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What’s in a In-Home Behavior Plan

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Parent - Specialist Meeting (1hr)
• Observation Period
Action Plan Meeting (1hr)
• Behavior Adjustment Phase (3 Months)
• Check in Calls (20 Min, 1 each Month)
Summary Meeting (1hr)

Meet Our In-Home Plan Specialists

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Shorme Nortey

Shorme Nortey at age 16 went to UCSC to study sociology and psychology. After college Ms. Nortey began teaching dance, movement, holistic health methods, and recovery techniques all over the U.S. Alongside these teachings Shorme also works as behavior specialist for 12 years (2 years in a School). “Through my research I see now that everyone must be balanced in mind, body, and spirit to be truly healthy.” Shorme has now gone on to create “BEISM.”


Christina Kim

My mission is for parents and children to get along and be in a happy home. We do this by teaching independence, responsibility, having fun together and communicating with each other.

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