In Home Plans

In Home Plans for Children ages 2-14.

Does your child act or behave in a way you wish was different? Are you having difficulties when trying to control your child’s behavior? Beism Theory’s Experts can help with all this and more! With our In Home Coaching Plans we are able to adjust an individuals behavior to be more positive. Imagine a world where you don’t have to push and pull with your child when asking them to do something. By consulting our experts we are able to listen to the concerns you have about your child, to better understand what kind of plan to implement into your home.

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What We Do…

Coaching Plans

In-Home Coaching Plans focus on changing disrespectful behavior to be more positive, teaching your child better management of their anger & emotions, boosting the self-esteem and creating intrinsic motivation to try.

Specialist Support

During Coaching Meeting a Consultant can recommend using support from one of our Beism Theory Behavioral Specialists. Specialists are used to assist the Parents as well as being an advocate for the child.


Health & HEaling

Consultants can recommend working with one of our Health Specialist to increase overall wellbeing of the individual. We believe that one should first be healthy in order to help others become healthy for themself.


What to Expect

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• Health Specialist inquiry
• Parent - Consultant Meeting

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